Pride Factor addresses the problems of unemployment and poverty by introducing young South Africans to the concept of entrepreneurship. Aimed primarily at teenagers, school-leavers and young adults, the programs developed by Pride Factor are conveyed on a broad range of platforms via inspirational speakers who want to pass on their knowledge and motivate the country’s future leaders to generate jobs for themselves and others.



Unemployment and the resulting poverty and inequality are the biggest problems facing South Africa now and for the foreseeable future. Current statistics show:

  • Unemployment has never been higher – 14 million adults (more than 25% of the population) do not have jobs!
  • Youth unemployment is even higher – only just over half of those under 25 have jobs!
  • The gloomy global economic outlook means that traditional avenues of employment are no longer going to provide the millions of jobs that are required now and in the future.
  • South Africa has one of the world’s lowest levels of entrepreneurial activity

At the same time South Africa offers an exciting range of opportunities in virtually every field of endeavour. At Pride Factor we believe that inspiring and guiding the youth of today how to become entrepreneurs will produce the leaders of tomorrow who will drive job creation and help to alleviate poverty and inequality.



howExtensive research into entrepreneurial concepts, motivational education models and the most appropriate platforms on which to reach the youth has enabled Pride Factor to compile a comprehensive body of content and develop unique methods to capture the attention of, communicate with and impart knowledge to the teen and young adult demographic. Participants are introduced to scenarios that challenge their assumptions and broaden their aspirations through the use of interviews, interactive exercises and pertinent case studies that highlight entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, passion, planning, perseverance, finance, decision making and leadership. This content is presented by a highly motivated group of the country’s top young, aspirational role models in fields of expertise that range from business, the performing arts and professional athletes to promoters, philanthropists and more, all of whom are passionate about passing their experience on to the next generation.

Pride Factor uses television, live events, social media and other value added services as the conduits through which content is communicated to participants. Programs for interactive online learning, printed materials and more are in the pipeline.


Live Events

Seminars / workshops using proven methodologies developed by the world’s leading motivational speakers to attract, stimulate and educate large audiences are staged regularly in the major metropolitan centres. Pride Factor’s stable of aspirational role-models (see Who) have been specifically chosen to motivate teenagers, school leavers and young adults.

These events provide the ideal opportunity for students to network with their like-minded peers, share ideas, inspiration and creativity whilst learning from local and internationally recognised trend and thought leaders.

Pride Factor Membership

The Inspired Youth membership platform is a website that provides its members with motivational content, insightful interviews with the country’s high profile role models and celebrities and stimulating tasks that address success, health, wealth and happiness.

Members can choose weekly or fortnightly episodes of the carefully structured inspirational curriculum which includes life-enhancing aspects such as passion, persistence, direction, respect and improvement, along with references to relevant sources of further information.

Completed tasks are shared by members on the Inspired Youth social media platforms and selected winners and achievers are rewarded with valuable prizes, gifts and opportunities from Inspired Youth’s generous sponsors and partners.



Paul Botha
GM Kahuna Promotions and promoter of
experiential teen events


Dene Botha
MD and Founder of Pride Factor
Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

Owner Of Pride Factor, Entrepreneur And Professional Public Speaker

Dene Botha is the epitome of someone who has had their fingers in every pie. From beginning his professional acting career at the age of seven, to moving to London in search of adventure when he was 17, becoming the highest qualified surf coach in the UK and South Africa by age 20, to being titled “SA’s Most Irresistible Man” at 27, and now focusing on his passion; inspiring the youth of SA, and launching “Pride Factor” in 2014.

Dene is certainly able to inspire the youngsters of today with his contagious enthusiasm and lust for life. Life experience is what it takes to make it, and that’s what Dene is all about. Now he has decided to dedicate his time to equipping South Africa’s youth with the tools to make something of themselves. “The youngsters of today are the most valuable resource we’ve got.”

TV Presenter for Expresso Morning Show & Top Billing (SABC3)

Throughout his life, Katlego has been very active; taking an interest in everything from various sports, to acting and singing. His biggest passion by far has been music, becoming a member of the North West Children’s Choir in 1998, and he’s dedicated to perfecting his crafts in a very competitive entertainment industry. One of the qualities that has lead to his successes is his ability to communicate with people from all walks of life, a skill that is enhanced by the fact that Katlego is fully tri-lingual in English, Afrikaans and Setswana. He is a vibrant and goal-driven young man with a zest for life and an inexhaustible source of energy which showcases South African talent on every level. His charismatic personality has endeared him to all those who have known him and he continues to steal the hearts of those around him.

“@ExpressoShow|Musician|Actor|VO-artist|MC|Accountant|Dreamer|Proudly SA! #OYW ! Kat by name, go-getter by game! LIVE, LEARN, LOVE!”


Youth Leader / TV and Radio presenter / Social Entrepreneur)

At only 24 years of age, Danilo has already rocked South Africa’s entertainment industry by presenting a favourite kids show, “Hectic Nine 9” for four years and after winning the prestigious 2015 “Presenter Search on 3” competition you can now find him in your lunge everyday hosting “Afternoon Express” on SABC 3 as well as on weekend hosting his own radio show on Good Hope FM. With far too much energy and passion filling in the time between the two. His confidence, outgoing nature, and authentic on air personality stand him in good stead when it comes to MC’ing an event and doing voice overs for advertising campaigns and corporate work – both of which, he is booked for on a regular basis.
A true inspiration for the youth of SA.

Actress and Model

This multi-talented actress already has an impressive acting resume, encompassing work on stage and screen in TV series, movies and commercials. Best known as man-eating “Christine” in “Spud” & “Spud 2 The madness Continues”. She knows how to market herself, and has turned the heads on many well known agents and artists. She is young, vibey, enthusiastic, passionate and a lover of life who understands the balance of work vs. play. Alex is the epitome of professionalism, and will certainly create waves in any and every field she chooses.

Event Management

Brian is the Managing Director and co-founder of award-winning experiential agency Seed Experiences. Well known in SA as the specialist team behind the country’s top music and lifestyle events like Rocking the Daisies, Vodacom in the City, the 5 Gum Experiences, and We Are One Colour Festivals. Brian has built up a team of creative and innovative people that need to think ‘outside of the box’ on a daily basis. He leads by example, and is constantly pushing the boundries on an international level. Brian proves that by following your passion and loving what it is that you do, you too can turn creativity into wealth.


Inventor, business owner and internationally recognised photographer

Stu is a self-taught photographer and innovator with a passion for moments. He is obsessed with new experiences, reality, new creations and finding ways to share his vision of our world through photography and social media inventions for brands. Stu just launched his new company, “BrandRocket” based around his tech inventions for brands by utilising new technology


Winner of MasterChef 2013 (MNet) and business woman

Having been a generally hungry person, Kamini (pronounced like harmony with a ‘k’) catapulted into stardom when she won the title of Masterchef South Africa in 2013. Taking advantage of the publicity she has attained, she pursues a media career in radio, food writing and styling, as well as finally being about to live her dream of having her very own food TV show. The past year has been great for her as she was named one of “SA’s Awesome Woman of 2013″ by Cosmopolitan Magazine and was featured in the Marie Clare Naked issue which supported the great work done by The Lunch Box Fund.

Her motto: “A lemon was a grapefruit that saw a chance and took it.”


World adventurer and motivational speaker

A truly inspiring and unconventional man. After having climbed the highest peak on several contintinents (at a very young age), Monde now turns his attention to sailing the seven seas. “Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my desire to achieve, but the very cathedrals where I practice my religion.”


2014 Miss SA Finalist

Jade has overcome many obstacles in her life, and now credits them as adding to her character and strength. She is now a business woman working with Cell C, studying and working in unison, a Miss South Africa 2014 finalist and even a life style brand ambassador for Evox. She gained much experience as a presenter, a working model, and also is credited for starting the first ever UCT cheer-leading team. (Well rounded indeed) Now she spends most of her time in Johannesburg as an ambassador for Sweat1000, a motivational speaker and a inspiration to young ladies through-out the country.
“Jade has the ability to show people that you can’t let anything stand between you and your goals.”

Jade on Facebook

Fitness expert, business owner and philanthropist

Gordon is a top fitness competitor and fully booked personal trainer to the stars. Having survived a 9 meter fall a few years back, avoiding death and paralysis and then making a miraculous recovery, Gordon has an appreciation for life like no other. He’s involved in charity drives to the less fortunate, and is passionate about helping clients reach their goals, as well as leading a team of athletes to the stage for Mr and Mrs SA events. “Every day I see as a new opportunity, and I believe that you have nothing to lose if you follow your heart and give your all.”

Ex-professional soccer player, fitness specialist and entrepreneur

Ryan is the not-so-typical celebrity who is just as charming as he is good looking. A master of self-promotion, and a leader of fitness and health, he has the ability to inspire anyone to focus on bettering themselves.


Health Expert

He is also co-founder of “Webfluential”, a new platform that establishes relationships between consumers and brands through influencers. To add to the list; Mike was also named one of the Mail & Guardian’s top 200 young (under 35) South Africans for 2013. Mike is extremely good at making stuff ‘Go viral’; you will have seen his work with Nando’s as Retroviral was the their digital agency from 2010-2013. Retroviral does the online comms for all the #5GumExperience parties and most recently, it was the seeding agency behind the Douwe Egberts yawn-activated coffee vending machine.


SA’s Favourite Son

Television Presenter, Actor, Model, MC, Entrepreneur, Writer, Fashion Designer, Creative Consultant, Image Consultant, Voice Over Artist.

Achievements include Joop! Homme Ambassador (2013/2014), YOU Magazine Most Stylish Male Nominee (2014), “Feather Awards” – Best Styled Male of the Year (2014), GQ Magazine Cover (March 2015), YOU Magazine YOU Spectacular Most Stylish Male Celeb (June 2015) to name a few.

He’s ALSO an accomplished Entrepreneur, public speaker, and ‘hero’ to the kids.

True definition of a Pride Factor Ambassador.

Future Leader

“I am a South African with interests in Entrepreneurship, Conceptual Speaking and Philanthropy. From a young age I have been one to try new things and put my heart into whatever it was that I did. My life has been a journey filled with experiences and visions I would like to share with the world. I share these experiences and visions through Business and Speaking. Most of my time I spend on the computer by Reading, Researching or Working on an idea.” He started his first company at the age of 18 with an end goal in mind being an Investment Holdings company with Subsidiaries that will take advantage of open markets in South Africa. – Watch this space!.

Tracy McGregor has been modelling since the age of 16 and her career has seen many successes over the years. Tracy has appeared in numerous magazines, and even had the honour of being the first cover girl for Playboy South Africa.She has been marketing herself through her career and was crowned “The most Googled person in South Africa for 2011″ taking over all the stories that were prominent in the world that year. She is a brand ambassador for BlackBerry, BriteSmile, Fondle Lifestyle, Biogen, Huawei, Luxottica, Playhugelottos.com and Shimmy Beach Club.

Tracy sits on the board of a NPO called “Dare To Share” and is also a shareholder in a company called “CallandAll Scorecard”. Tracy’s love for fahion, marketing, design and philanthropy is what has driven her together with Angelique Kerzner, Bronwyn Cruz and Nina Assheton Row to co found their new passion which is a product development company called African LAB Design.


  Fashion and Lifestyle

Culture-ist, fashion and lifestyle trend researcher & forecaster, image architect and Founder of “The Threaded Man Enterprises”. Siya got his big break at the age of 14 as a TV presenter, and soon after matric he was accepted at the London International School of Fashion where he majored in Trends. Now, at only 20 years old he’s already a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, has appeared in magazines such as True Love Magazine, True Love Man , Grazia , The Monacle and GQ UK to name a few. Siya is unbelievably passionate about the future of young South Africans.

The Threaded Man

  TV presenter and technology reporter

“I’m the video games and tech contributor on South African TV shows Top Billing, Expresso and Tech Report, am a radio personality on GoodHope FM, have presented for a couple of online shows (GameState and GameZoneTV) and am the Video Games Contributing Editor for GQ. Grant is the epitome of ‘tech-savvy’… It’s the information age, and this man has all the content. “To infinity and beyond!”


  Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marc is an entrepreneur of note, having interests and experience in setting up various business in an array of fields from clothing to beverages. He is also well known for throwing some of the best parties that Cape Town has seen, at the most exclusive venues, with incredible guest lists and entertainment due to his networking. On top of that Marc is the founding member of the NPO “Dare to Share”, which assists a number of different charities.

Variation and innovation is what inspires him as well as being fit and healthy and helping those that are less fortunate. He is extremely well traveled from his professional tennis playing days (not to mention modeling his way around the globe as a young man) and believes there is absolutely no substitute for life experience and taking calculated risks.

“It’s up to the youth to understand and believe that there is no such thing as a negative outcome, merely hiccups and hurdles being part of life’s rich tapestry.”


  TV personality, international dancer and brand ambassador

Chanel is a TV presenter, actress and dancer who started TV presenting at the age of 14 on the SABC2 show HIP2B2 and then went on the present the SAB2 wildlife and environmental show Roughing it Out. Currently, Chanel presents the TV show The Wrap on DSTV channel 319 Mindset.

She acted as Gwyneth on the new SABC1 drama series AMAZA, a surfer chick and feisty character. Chanel started dancing at age 4 with ballet, tap and modern dancing and has won several competitions locally, travelled around South Africa and abroad for jobs and workshops. Chanel is also an ambassador for the Roxy SA brand and was crowned Miss Summer Heat South Africa in 2011.


  International musician

Jeremy is a folk musician hailing out of Cape Town. Winner of the 2013 MK Male Solo Artist of the Year award, he reached the number 1 spot on iTunes on the day of his new album release. Jeremy received the MK2014 Best Live Act Award and his career has been built on a strong live act that’s made him a mainstay on SA’s major festival circuit.
Jeremy’s international career launched in 2013, with 20 international shows, most of which were sold out, played across London, Paris, Prague, Delhi, Mumbai, New York and Los Angeles, with a major tour of North America already scheduled for 2014.

He has a passion for people, and he even co-founded “Green-Pop”, a social business that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, POPular and accessible for all. Jeremy is an SA icon which many people can aspire towards.


  Award winning actress, speaker and presenter

University of Cape Town (BsocSc) and Common Purpose Meridian Leadership graduate, Natalie is an award-winning actress, presenter and speaker. Recipient of a SAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film for ‘The World Unseen’ based on Shamim Sarif’s award-winning novel, Natalie has starred alongside John Malkovich and William H. Macey, and worked with BBC, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and HBO. Natalie hosted ‘It’s Africa’s Time’ for CNBC Africa working with the United Nations Development Program covering stories focusing on the Millennium Development Goals and recently joined the cast of Isidingo on SABC3.

Author of the ‘Tao of Nat’- an inspirational manifesto she wrote for learners as part of the Centre for the Books ‘World Book Day’ series, Natalie is a speaker and MC, hosting corporate, social and philanthropic events and regularly addresses learners, educators and young leaders. Passionate about wellness, a keen scuba diver, a salsa dancer and athlete, Natalie completed the 2011 New York Marathon to raise funds for Elana Meyer’s Jag Foundation. – A South African icon!


  International DJ and music producer

It’s safe to say Dean FUEL is one of the most accomplished DJs this side of the equator. His career reads like a dance music fairytale having played alongside some of the worlds best including David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto to name a few. Always looking for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of his craft, while staying true to a signature style, Dean inspires people from all walks of life to see that creativity is the key to success as he gets paid to travel the world, and makes music.


  Comedian, MC, Actor and Performer

Spurred on by a hunger for success, South African actor-comedian Sivuyile “Siv” Ngesi is well on his way to becoming an icon in the South African entertainment scene.

It isn’t a far cry to find Siv immersed in several different spheres of the performing arts at one time. His CV reads like a star-studded book having worked with Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman (“Invictus”) and Kiefer Sutherland (“24″) and securing titles such a “Top 10 best working South African actors overseas”, IMDB list, “Top 10 GQ Best Dressed men”, and Mail and Guardian’s “Most influential Young South African” for 2011. Describing himself as “motivated and inspired”, Siv draws his inspiration from his parents, and this drives him through a promise he made to his father on his death bed.